Hassenfeld Child Health Innovation Institute


Department of Pediatrics/Hassenfeld Institute Research Training in Child Health Disparities

The Research Training Program in Child Health Disparities at Brown University, in partnership between the Department of Pediatrics and the Hassenfeld Institute, is made possible through the generous support of the Hassenfeld family. This multi-tiered program provides training and mentorship support to assist trainees and faculty on their research and scholarly goals at various stages of their career. The overall goal is to promote the launch of independent investigators focused on research in the area of child health disparities. While the focus of the program is on child health disparities, we acknowledge the inextricable link between child, parent, and family health; therefore, we welcome investigators with related interests. 

The four tiers of the program include:

Open to Brown University School of Public Health undergraduate and graduate students, and Alpert Medical School students, with an interest in child health disparities research.
Department of Pediatrics/Hassenfeld Institute Research Training Program in Child Health Equity: Postdoctoral Research Scholar Fellowship
Hasbro Children’s Hospital/Brown School of Public Health
Supports the research of junior faculty, and promotes multidisciplinary collaborations and approaches that promote equity in child health.

Research opportunities range from 1-2 years in duration and have a focus on child health disparities. Areas of focus include, but are not limited to: child health and/or mental health; maternal health; maternal mental health; implementation/evaluation of community-based programs and initiatives; prevention; and alternative service delivery approaches.

During each program, individuals work collaboratively with a pre-identified faculty mentor. Together with their mentor, they outline their training and research goals, including participation in their mentor’s ongoing research projects. Typical activities include participation in ongoing research meetings, data collection and analysis, and manuscript writing. Advanced trainees such as Post-doctoral fellows are expected to participate in grant writing and submission.

Questions? Contact:

  • Daphne Koinis Mitchell

    Daphne Koinis Mitchell Ph.D.

    Director, Department of Pediatrics/Hassenfeld Institute Research Training in Child Health Disparities, Professor (Research), Vice Chair of Research, Departments of Pediatrics, Rhode Island Hospital; The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University