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Research that makes an impact on the lives of children.

At just over 1,200 square miles, Rhode Island is the smallest state. But what it lacks in size it makes up for in opportunity. With just one medical school, one children’s hospital and one women’s hospital, and home to the world-class Brown University, Rhode Island presents myriad possibilities for collaboration and innovation in children’s health.

The Hassenfeld Study seizes on this opportunity by engaging Rhode Island families in research that has the ability to make an impact on the lives of children. Our staff enroll women either during early pregnancy or at the time of delivery and develop relationships with them while collecting key information on their health and the health of their infants. By following infants through early childhood, our researchers can investigate early determinants of child health and develop innovative treatments for childhood asthma, autism and more. The prospective birth cohort study provides a framework for assessing the impact of cutting-edge approaches to improve the health of families.  

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